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I condemn government's unemployment benefit cut Plans january 03, 2018

The government’s reform proposals compr

ise three measures: 1) transferring elderly long-term unemployment benefit receivers to the pension system; 2) cutting benefits; and 3) increasing conditionality.

Once the change takes effect at the turn of the year, jobseekers receiving unemployment benefits from the state will be required to work at least 18 hours in a job, earn at least 240 euros per month as an entrepreneur, or participate in five days of training or prep classes per every three-month period. If they are unable to meet the criteria, they will lose the equivalent of one day's benefit each month.

The requirement is made even more complicated by the rule that benefit-receivers cannot work and attend training simultaneously. People without work have to choose one or the other.

I strongly i condemn this move by government. I urge people to sign in to Citizens' initiative to roll back unpopular plan to activate.

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